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HuffPost What's Working Honor Roll: A Daily Roundup Of Solutions-Based Stories

As journalists, we dutifully report on what’s going wrong, from scandals and corruption to natural disasters and social problems. But far too often the media fails to show the whole picture, neglecting to tell the stories of what is working. From scientific breakthroughs to successful crime-reduction initiatives, the What’s Working Honor Roll highlights some of […]

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Everything Iggy Azalea Says In 'Furious 7'

Following in the footsteps of Rita Ora, who appeared for roughly 30 seconds in “Fast Six,” rapper Iggy Azalea makes an appearance in this weekend’s “Furious 7.” Azalea, who also contributed to the film’s soundtrack, shows up after Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty participates in Race Wars. (And as Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan noted, the mere sound of […]