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6 Reasons Why Being a Nerd in 2014 Rocks

1) Superhero stuff is in

This one should be obvious, but damn it feels good. We’ve always known superheroes were wonderful stories and now everyone else does too. This goes beyond Superman and Batman movies, since they are so well known and about as American as apple pie. I’m talking about Black Widow, Iron Man, Green Arrow, and even Rocket Raccoon (which, face it guys, most of us didn’t even know much about him anyway). People you never would expect are now major fans. And because of this popularity boom, you can wear that Captain America shirt with pride.


2) Reboots

Godzilla, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and even Spider-Man (which happened after only a few short years….for reasons….eh, not gonna complain). It’s as if all the kids that sat alone rewatching the same things on replay over and over and over again, got together in one place and decided to remake the things they loved so much. Now they have created a whole new generation of people to rewatch their new creation over and over again. Although….they also created a war between the traditionalist tribe and the pro-reboot clan. They are locked in a never ending battle for eternity. To the fallen soldiers of the internet who tried to defend their opinions and were drowned out by a sea of angry, nonsensical, insults: I salute you.


3) Having a visual impairment is actually a good thing now

Glasses are in people. Really. People who don’t even need glasses are wearing glasses. So from now on, no kid will ever use name, “4 Eyes,” as an insult ever again. Totally not allowed anymore. Now it’s a symbol of smart pride. We should have seen this coming when sunglasses indoors became a thing.


4) Living at Home is kinda expected…for a while at least

Congratulations on graduating! Now you can start your life! Go get a job!   No…I mean a job that can pay for rent and food. Oh right…job market. I guess the best option is to keep staying with mom and dad. But thats okay! Don’t feel bad. Seriously, everyone does it for a while. Two or three years even. Plus, free food. So go ahead. Move into the basement downstairs. Just….maybe don’t get too comfortable.


5) Smart is sexy

I admit, this has been a saying for a while now. However, now it’s not used as a reason why you’re such a good catch even though nobody will date you. Now, it’s a reason for people to date you! Just….maybe we could stop with the whole “licking electronics” thing? It never really made sense.


6) Science is cool

Have you seen science? It’s beautiful, confusing, disgusting, mysterious, constantly changing, mind blowing, and damn cool. Plus, Neil deGrasse Tyson said so. And Bill Nye the Science Guy. They started their journey round the world (aka: news networks) this year to try and revamp the whole science image. To establish it’s important. And that being into science is something to be proud of. Don’t you want to be cool like them? You don’t have to understand all of it to appreciate it. Like the whole coke and mentos thing. You don’t know why it explodes. But isn’t it fun to watch? So try it out. In your bedroom. I’m sure everyone who lives with you won’t mind.