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A Running Tally Of How Athletes Are Scoring The Drake-Meek Mill Beef

The ongoing hip-hop beef between Canadian rapper Drake and Philadelphia’s own Meek Mill may have reached a conclusion on Thursday night. After Drake dropped diss tracks “Charged Up” and “Back to Back” in response to Meek’s claim that Drake doesn’t write his own raps, the Philly rapper fired back last night with “Wanna Know.”

After the song made its way online, athletes across the NBA, NFL, WWE and more immediately hopped on their timelines to decide which hip-hop heavyweight scored the knockout blow. Using scientifically unsound methodology, we sorted through their posts and divided them into votes for Drake and votes for Meek Mill.


Drake: 22

Meek diss is TRASH!!! if Drake make another diss track, Meek won’t ever be relevant in this “beef” again…

— Le’Veon Bell (@L_Bell26) July 31, 2015

Dang that was disappointing smh

— Isaiah Thomas (@Isaiah_Thomas) July 31, 2015

Man….he really took that L lol

— Harrison Barnes (@hbarnes) July 31, 2015

@YEEZUSNCLA no where close. Drake spoke facts too but I was expecting more from meek

— Harrison Barnes (@hbarnes) July 31, 2015

— Kevin Durant (@KDTrey5) July 31, 2015

Meek finally responds to Drake

— Lolo Jones (@lolojones) July 31, 2015

So after Meek Mill’s time was already expired he came up with this?

— Ryan Babel (@Ryanbabel) July 31, 2015

That diss track was trash

— John Lucas III (@Luke1luk) July 31, 2015

He didn’t even have to put back to back out. Charged up did jus fine. N yall wonder why bro was goin so light

— Josh Powell (@JP21Reasons) July 31, 2015

Why bro? @meekmill

— Jordan Hamilton (@J_Goin_HAM) July 31, 2015

RT @Whataburger: Meek Mill take it from us- if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality

— Quincy Acy (@QuincyAcy) July 31, 2015

Drake like…… “I’m just sayin’, you could do better”

— Tobias Harris (@tobias31) July 31, 2015

Just wasted my time!!! My need those 3 or 4mins back

— Dorell Wright (@DWRIGHTWAY1) July 31, 2015

Weak Mill

— Tyler Sash (@TSash) July 31, 2015

Drake winning right now though. I’m a fan of both rappers.

— DeMarcus Van Dyke (@D_VanDyke8) July 31, 2015

OATmeal > Meek Mill

— Weslye Saunders (@Wes_Saunders88) July 31, 2015

I just wanna know why we waited five days for that……..smh

— Lance Moore (@LanceMoore16) July 31, 2015

Come on Meek you could have saved that one

— Brandon Harris (@HarrisNOFLYZONE) July 31, 2015

That can’t be Meeks diss….

— Marcus Gilbert (@MarcusGilbert88) July 31, 2015

Wanna Know

— Bobby Brown (@BBROWNLAU) July 31, 2015

A photo posted by Bret (@brethitmanhart) on Jul 31, 2015 at 9:54am PDT

Meek Mill: 5

Meek’s diss was ok…wasn’t as bad as y’all are making it seem haha

— Torrey Smith (@TorreySmithWR) July 31, 2015

Meek track wasn’t bad, he coulda got Jay Z to write it and yall woulda said it was bad.

— Anthony Morrow (@MrAnthonyMorrow) July 31, 2015

Damn right. I know some suckas that won’t tho.

— Lou Williams (@TeamLou23) July 31, 2015

Lol I told yall bombs over the 6

— Sharrif Floyd (@sharriffloyd) July 31, 2015

@L_Bell26 that diss wasn’t no worse than “charged up”

— Isaac Redman (@ired33) July 31, 2015

That’s it. This beef’s over. It’s a wrap, no snack. According to sports, Drake won.

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