All The Crazy Things That Happened On The 'Scandal' Season 4 Premiere

“Scandal” is back for Season 4 and we finally know where Olivia Pope went on that plane. Here are all the crazy, insane, bonkers, “Scandal”-rific moments from the season premiere. For the record, we’re on team Uggs-wearing Mellie.

1. Liv was on a beach 100 miles off the coast of Zanzibar reading “Gone Girl” with Jake.

2. Liv, now Julia Baker, got five of the best bottles of red wine delivered to the most remote island in the world … like a BAWSS.

3. Harrison is dead, which forced Jake and Liv to go back to reality. She straightened her hair, headed to the office and started to clean up D.C.

4. Quinn! It was Quinn who found her via wine shipments. She’s also the only one left at Pope & Associates.

5. Huck became Randy, the IT guy who refuses to hope unless Olivia is back for good.

6. Liberal Abby turned into the new White House press secretary.

7. Mellie lost it. She’s now walking around the White House in pajamas and Uggs, eating cereal, and going bowling.

8. Portia De Rossi is the RNC chairwoman.

9. Abby and Quinn hate each other.

10. Jake confronted David Rosen to find out if he took down B613. He did not.

11. Liv had dinner with her dad, who said he had nothing to do with Harrison’s murder. He did, however, “take care” of Mama Pope.

12. “Scandal” came in with an incredibly timely sexual assault case: Kate, Senator Vaughn’s aide, called Olivia to cover up her boss, who almost killed Senator Sterling after he allegedly attacked her.
scandal season 4

13. Cyrus made David the U.S. Attorney General.

14. Mellie visited her dead son’s grave. Yes, she wore Uggs and a bathrobe.

15. Jake basically said he’s, uh, bigger than Fitz.

16. Olivia schooled audiences everywhere on rape culture and harassment in the workplace.

17. Quinn was back on Olivia’s side, totally a gladiator in a suit.

18. Olivia figured out that Sterling assaulted Kate, not Vaughn, and Vaughn dangled her aide in front of Sterling because she knew Kate was his type. She wanted to secure an equal pay vote.

19. Harrison’s past was finally revealed. He grew up in a group home, and had no family besides Pope & Associates. They were the only people who showed up to his funeral.

20. “Add it to the list. Dead kid. Missing mistress. Mellie’s rape. Fitz’s suicide.”

21. Mellie stopped waxing and came in with one of the best lines of the show: “It’s 1976 down there.”

22. Olivia and Fitz maybe/ barely/ sort of touched FINGERS. Shut it down, it’s over.