Avengers Age of Ultron Series 6 Mini Film Cell Review

I received today the Avengers: Age of Ultron Mini cell 35mm Film Cell Display and I’ve got to say, it is one classy item to own.  The display itself is already framed, measuring at 7 x 5 inches.  So take note, it’s no giant poster – it actually wouldn’t make sense for it to be a giant poster considering how small a frame of film is, a giant monstrosity would just deter from the work of art.  No, instead its size is perfect for an office or room that is sporting other elegant items you’re hanging already.  And trust me, the display is done well enough that you could hang it in an office without any sense of feeling like a kid.  Framed you get the single 35 mim cell of the movie, an item sure to make viewers stir up a conversation about.  In addition you get a bigger movie poster picture of the movie’s villain standing triumphant.  People from afar will know, this is from Age of Ultron.  Finally you also get a polished plaque with the movie title.  It’s the plaque really that brings it all together.  The texture and quality elevates the display from being just another item you buy from a comic shop to becoming a stylish collector’s item.  I recommend it to fans and collectors, own a piece of this great comic film.

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Avengers Age of Ultron Series 6 Mini Film Cell