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Spike Lee Directs Short Film For Kelly Rowland's World Cup Empowerment Anthem

Kelly Rowland is in good company (Santigold, Janelle Monae, Timbaland) on “Beats of the Beautiful Game,” the World Cup-themed album that Pepsi released this week. Spike Lee directed a short film that accompanies her contribution, “The Game,” a fast-burning empowerment anthem about making everything count and achieving your dreams (because what else do you sing […]

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Healy Laments 'The End Of Men' On 'Orange Is The New Black,' As Only A Prison Guard Can

“Orange Is The New Black” is nothing if not culturally relevant. Two years after the book’s publication, Hanna Rosin’s The End Of Men has made it to prison — specifically into correctional officer Sam Healy’s office at Litchfield penitentiary. (Minor spoiler alert!) During a prison blackout in episode 12 of season 2, Pennsatucky sits down […]

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