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New Godzilla Game Revealed for Japan, And It's A PS3-Exclusive

After the success of Legendary Pictures’ blockbuster monster movie Godzilla–released in theaters last month and featuring Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston–Bandai Namco has announced a new game based on the radioactive beast for release in Japan. The game–a PlayStation 3-exclusive–is simply titled Godzilla. According to a Famitsu story (via CVG), you’ll play the beast itself, wrecking […]

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GTA Online Heist Details Leak

Details for Grand Theft Auto Online’s multiplayer Heists have been allegedly leaked online, posted on YouTube by user DomisLive, whose videos reveals details on various Heist missions. According to the Official Xbox Magazine site, Heist missions include the following: Prison van rescue – Criminals must intercept an NPC-driven van and free the gang member, then […]

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