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Our Steam Summer Sale Pick of the Day

Got some spare cash you’re desperate to offload? Do you have wads of bills just spilling out from your overflowing pockets? Then the Other Daily Deals today: Dead Rising 3 pre-purchase: $37.49 Sins of a Solar Empire: $7.99 Divinity: Original Sin: $31.99 Democracy 3: $8.49 XCOM: Enemy Unknown: $7.49 Don’t Starve: $3.74 The Witcher 2: […]

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Gone Home Developer Creates New Studio

Johnnemann Nordhagen, one of the founding members of Gone Home developer The Fullbright Company, has left to start his own studio. Called Dim Bulb Games, the studio is currently only composed of Nordhagen. According to the founder, its mission is to experiment with fringe concepts and push the boundaries of video games. In a statement […]

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