Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1 (8/10 Lugos) – By ISAAC

This Digital first Comic is by Gail Simone with art by Ethan Van Sciver, and it’s really good. This is the team that should be taking over for Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang. Simone clearly gets the character of Wonder Woman. Batman’s villains have teamed up and declared war on Gotham City. Batman and the Bat family are out of commission so Oracle, that’s right Oracle, calls in Wonder Woman to fight the war against Gotham’s villains. This is a fun, fast paced comic. It’s not tied into current DC Continuity so we get Barbara Gordon as Oracle. I didn’t realize how much I missed Oracle until this comic. It’s also fun to see Wonder Woman face villains she’s not usually associated with. Ethan Van Sciver is the perfect artist to bring this action packed story to life. I really miss him being on a regular monthly book. This is a perfect introduction to readers who haven’t read Wonder Woman before. It’s a standalone story that can be given to anyone man, or woman as their first Wonder Woman comic. I give it 8 out of 10 Lugos.

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Something Terrible (10/10 Lugos) –by LUGO

Dean Trippe’s ‘Something Terrible’ is something rather wonderful. Man…sometimes Comic books get so real but they teach us something very valuable. Something that any single person in one way or another can relate to. I partially run our Instagram page and I find myself always looking through tons of awesome comic book art to post and today I ran into a picture titled “You’re safe here” by Dean Trippe. As you can see from the picture (POST THE PIC SAMUEL!) Batman is telling the kid he’s walking with he’s safe here, in the T.A.R.D.I.S surrounded by heroes from everywhere ( No, really look! There are Transformers, Jedi Knights, X-Men and Power Rangers! Just to name a few!) The pic has a story behind it as I found out. It’s part of a 14 page comic book written by the same guy who drew the pic. In the story he explains in comic book form how he was sexually abused as a child. He later was introduced to Batman comics and movies which helped him cope with the abuse he suffered. Later in life he sees an imaginary gun pointed at his head as he starts thinking about suicide but thanks to his love for comics, Batman grabs the imaginary gun and tells Dean “No guns” and the gun dissappears. It’s an incredibly touching story which like I said many can relate to. Even if you feel alone the heroes you grew up reading are always there to inspire you and give you strength In your darkest of hours.


Inhuman # 3 (9/10 Lugos) – by SAM

Man… The Inhumans were supposed to be the big new thing for Marvel. Some speculated that it was because the MCU can’t use mutants, Inhumans would be the replacement, so the comics would up their profile. Blackbolt released a Terrigen Mist sweeping the world creating new Inhumans all over the place during Infinity… And then came the delays… Matt Fraction dropped the book. And the great Charles Soule took over. Joe Mad stayed on art…. Joe Mad… I love Joe Mad’s art, but the man hasn’t been able to keep a deadline since the 90’s. So, more delays, and any momentum that the Inhumans were building slowed to a stop…

So, we are at the 3rd issue, and I am surprised to say… Damn, its good. The art by Joe Mad is a huge selling point… But he will be replaced next issue by an artist who can keep a schedule… Fortunately, Charles Soule is doing amazing work that the art change shouldn’t hurt the book. In this issue we see a bunch of different factions of Inhumans come to a head and we learn why Blackbolt released the mist to create more Inhumans. Blackbolt is missing, presumed dead, and Medusa is in charge and good lord! That woman kicks so much ass. I hope they translate her to film this well. There is plenty of talk about the need for strong female characters. I think Medusa would fit that bill. This is a great read. I hope they can pick up steam again.


Avengers undercover #8 (6/10 Lugos) by JARRYD

If only this series had more time. Dennis Hopeless has been crafting an incredibly entertaining and suspenseful story that began in Avengers Arena, and now looks to be coming to a close in Avengers Undercover. The remaining survivors of murder world have perhaps found themselves in too deep behind the enemy lines of Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil, and not everyone is still as altruistic as when they first went in. This issue jumps 3 months into the future of the story and we are treated to a quick “how I spent my summer” montage, touching base with the personal growth of each member of the team. It is an effective story device, but I can’t help but feel like we were supposed to be witnessing these moments first hand. Hazmat and Anachronism have grown closer while impressing their boss Madame Masque, Cammi is still rotting in a cell next to a surprisingly alive Arcade (come on who wouldn’t want to read more conversations between those two?), Bloodstone and Deathloket are further embracing their inner Demons, and Nico is embracing her not so dead ex-boyfriend Alex. All of the story developments plus the machinations of Zemo are quickly told to the reader instead of being shown. It works and you get it, but gosh darn it would have been epic to see play out. Aside from the rushed pace of the story there a few good laughs and surprising betrayals this issue( Particularly an exchange between a druken Madame Masque, Anachronism, and Hazmat). This is a great book that is unfortunately being condensed due to cancellation. Here’s hoping these characters find a new ongoing once this story wraps…. well first let’s hope they make it out alive.

captain america

Captain America 23 (4/10 Lugos) –BY JARRYD

It not the shield that make the super soldier, hell it’s not even the super solider serum that makes the super soldier. Cap #23 picks up from last issue, with Steve and the avengers mansion under siege by a masked assailant from Dimension Zola. If you have been reading Remender’s Captain America from the beginning it is pretty obvious who is under the helmet given his treatment of the Zola mutates, nevertheless the reveal is handled well, if you don’t mind a little cheese and sap. Right before the mask comes off we are treated to a subpar brawl involving some Avengers heavy hitters; like Hulk and Thor going head to head against the mystery man. These fights while fun are incredibly sloppily drawn by Carlos Pacheco, his rendering of the iconic Avengers is okay when they are striking majestic poses, but once the action starts and the heroes start clashing they just look off with misshapen limbs, and wonky facial expression. Where Pacheco does shine is displaying the high flying acrobatics of the Falcon as he infiltrates Zola’s fortress with Jet Black. All in all Remender and company continue to put poor old man Rogers through the wringer, be it emotional trauma or having his body instantly de-aged, Cap is still looking to take out the bad guys. I can’t wait till next issue to see him react to the final page reveal, but I don’t think I should have to wait the whole issue just to get a little bit of excitement, especially if it’s for the next one.


Amazing Spiderman #5 (8/10 Lugos) –BY JARRYD

I am really enjoying the banter between Cindy Moon aka Silk and our friendly neighborhood Spiderman. She is a much needed playful foil for the newly revived Peter Parker, especially now that the Black cat, Mary Jane, and Carlie Cooper want nothing to do with the wall crawler! (well technically neither does Silk but she really doesn’t seem to have a choice). Amazing Spiderman 5 is a fun and fast paced comic that really delivers on the laughs. Whether it be interactions between J. Jonah Jameson and Pete at his new tv gig or the continually charming Anna Maria catching Pete and Silk in the middle of spider canoodling, Dan Slott packs this issue with funny awkwardness. But behind the awkward love/hate

situation of Spidey and his new “sidekick,” Black cat is making good on her promise to get revenge against the web slinger. I’m happy Slott has found a use for her besides her normal role of lusting after Spiderman. Humberto Ramos has become such a staple to this book that it’s hard to find a flaw due to pure familiarity, paired with Slott’s funny high octane script his pencils are perfectly kinetic and expressive. This is just a fun book, and series definitely worth reading.


All New X-men #30 Review (8/10 Lugos) – BY NADIA

This issue is very light yet enjoyable, the calm before the storm. I have to say it did nothing but put a smile on my face. I was most excited to see X-23 with a love interest (Angel). For anyone who does not know her origin, Laura (X-23) was created as a weapon to murder people. A trigger scent was used to initiate the killer instinct, which was the only thing she was raised to know. Being emotionally close to another person is pretty much a big deal. In this issue she is free and it’s beautiful. The best scene is X-23 holding onto Angel as they’re flying away.

Meanwhile, Emma Frost is training young Jean Grey. And by training I mean Emma Frost repeatedly saying, “hit me.” Of course this fails to work so Frost decides to use some memories of her and Scott having intimate moments by projecting them into young Jean Grey’s mind. What happens next is amazing and Bendis could not have ended the fight any better way.

The only part I didn’t care too much for was the brief conversation between Kitty and Peter Quill aka Star-lord. I find their relationship to be boring and out of place. Maybe it’s because I can’t seem to see Kitty Pryde with anyone other than Colossus. That relationship was passionate and chaotic compared to this long distant fling. And we all know long distant relationships don’t go well… or will Bendis surprise me?

Sara Pichelli is one of my favorite female artists. The scene where X-23 opens up to Angel about her insecurities is gorgeous. Laura is drawn to be so beautiful and it’s so nice to see that change from her usual animalistic appeal. The scene where young Jean is screaming as she sees images of Emma and Scott in bed is intense. I can’t say which part I enjoyed the most-the telepathic battle between Emma and Jean, or X-23 finding love and freedom from her past? Bendis really knows how to keep the audience entertained and excited for the next issue. There were so many heart warming moments and I am thrilled to see what happens next because remember, the battle never ends for the X- men…especially for Scott Summers.