Another week, another set of reviews. I am joined tonight by Jarryd & Topher. One quick note… it was reviewed in our weekly video “from the shop,” but please avoid the new “Suicide Squad” book like the plague that it is. Seriously, Jarryd and Isaac were too generous by giving it 2 Lugos. NO LUGOS FOR THAT BOOK… Ahem… Anyway, onto the rest of the reviews.

American Vampire Second Cycle #4: (9/10 Lugos)

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First Scott Snyder book I remember reading was American Vampire. Since then, he’s blown up, but that’s my first Snyder memory. It started very strong, and had some weak parts here and there… But ever since the “Second Cycle” started there hasn’t been a bad issue.

I love the different “breeds” of vampires; it is my favorite part of the mythology Snyder has created. The enemy Pearl and her allies face is huge and, like the best villains, I have no idea how it can be beat. The art, as always, is amazing. The only thing is, there really isn’t a great jumping on point. It’s the best vampire comic I have ever read, probably one of the best vampire stories I have ever seen… So, I would

say it would be worth it to go back and start from the beginning to catch up. Otherwise, you might get lost.

Armor Hunters #2 (8/10 Lugos)

Armor Hunters #2

Another book that isn’t a jumping on point. It’s issue 2 in what is, pretty much, an event book involving all of the characters in the Valiant Universe. If you don’t know them, you will be lost.

So, why review it? Because you should be reading Valiant Comics. I never thought I’d say that, but ever since they have relaunched, Valiant has produced some of the best comics I am reading, but not enough people are talking about it. They took the characters from the old Valiant books, and made them good. Really good. You want a high tech, sci-fi comic? X-O Manowar. Want mutant type action? Harbinger. Comedy book? Archer & Armstrong or Quantum & Woody are great. Each book is different, but they are all great.

So… Go back and start reading Valiant books, and catch up to here. Valiant does events in a way that the big two used to. And they do it well.

Avengers #32 (8/10 Lugos)

Avengers #32

ANOTHER book that you can’t just pick up and enjoy. Hell, I’ve been reading since Hickman started and parts of it leave me scratching my head. BUT. If you’ve been reading, a lot of plotlines are starting to come together as Cap and the Avengers (that are left) rocket through time and meet a familiar face 3,000 or so years in the future.

Questions are answered, more are asked, and you can really feel the book building towards… Whatever is coming when “time runs out.” If you’ve been on board, this one is right up your alley… If you haven’t been, well… You may want to wait until Hickman’s run is over. But by that point… time will have run out.

DC’s Weekly Books: (3/10 Lugos and 8/10 Lugos) Future’s End continues to move at a snail’s pace and barely be interesting, whereas Batman Eternal remains incredibly strong and driven. Soooo… Nothing new there.

Daredevil #5 (8/10 Lugos) (SPOILERS)

Daredevil #5

Fighting cancer is a very real thing, a thing that can test the will of any person. This issue of DD Finally answers the question: how does foggy nelson beat cancer and why must he fake his death to do so? This issue takes us back to New York via flashback, with a surprising appearance by a souped up leap frog with some serious

hardware, and an awesome journey into Foggy Nelson by none other than Hank Pym himself.

I think it’s been a well documented fact that being a friend, lover, parent, Uncle Ben to a super hero can hold dire consequences for one’s well being. Daredevil has always been a prime example of this. This issue takes a break from the action of the last issue and cuts to the core of the Foggy/Matt dynamic, two friends that will do and have done everything for each other, but not without their battles. Here we see Foggy make “the ultimate sacrifice” and “die” inside an exploding suit to save a street full of grateful New Yorkers with the aid of Hank and Matt. This issue hit me right in the feels and was a great explanation for Foggy’s Machiavellian demise, cause when it comes down to it…he doesn’t need the world to know he exists…he’s just glad Matt knows. Mark & Chris are on a roll.


All New X-Men (6/10 Lugos)

All New X-Men

A Story that began in Battle of the Atom and culminated with Raze and Charles Xavier Jr.’s future Brotherhood of Evil Mutants assault on Cyclops’ New Xavier Institute comes to a close in this week’s All New X-Men #29. It has been a slow building arc getting to know about these time
torn evil mutants, and just exactly what motivates them to attack the X-men, this issue gives us answers to whatever remaining questions we might have had about the time displaced brotherhood, as well as fleshes out the new role of Jean Grey going forward now that Cyclops has left the team. With her new power emerging in the Trial of Jean Grey story she received a significant (unexplained) power boost, and in this issue Bendis takes time to explain just how they work, all while continuing to deliver a visceral clash between the two mutant factions.

Stuart Immonen once again proves why he is one of the best artists in the biz right now, his page layout moves the chaotic battle along so fluidly that it almost seems to be in motion. And with so many characters to juggle with so many differing body types and costumes, Immonen manges to never gets character jumbled up or confused. Although this was high octane action packed issue filled with great art, the resolution does seem a bit too neat for my tastes, there are some seeds planted for future stories down the line but like battle of the Atom this end seems a bit too easy. Still, worth it for the epicness of the battle.

Green Lantern Corps #33 (8/10 Lugos)

Green Lantern Corps #33

After last issue of Green Lantern it seemed the uprising of the sinister shapeshifting Durlans had been completely pacified, that is until I did a double take at the front cover and saw part 5 of 6 of the Uprising arc. So here we are with the true final piece of the GL puzzle, when last we left them the Corps had dominated the Durlans with military might and some out of character tactical prowess from Hal Jordan. This issue begins with John Stewart savoring the victory and about to get some much needed R&R, when he is attacked by the last Durlan in play who just so happened infiltrate to the heart of the Corps.

Van Jensen throws one more curveball in the form of a missing ally, while also showing why a Daximite Lantern is just too unfair. **Side Note** it Really pissed me off to see them bring back Sodam Yat just to have him abandon the Corps! He was without a doubt one of the best things Peter Tomasi and Geoff Johns brought to the GLC, and his fight with Superboy Prime was the stuff of legends. but anyway I digress.**End Note ** We get to see just what would have happened if the Durlans plans were realized, and for one issue of action the desperation of the Corps is plenty felt. no many how many time they do it you just never get used to seeing a lantern ring search for a new recruit for its sector after its former bearer has fallen in battle. It may seem that the GLC is always caught up on some kind of universe shattering war but Uprising actually was small enough to not be considered an event but big enough to matter in the overall importance of Green Lantern lore. I really enjoyed it.