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DC's Batgirl Comic Gets a Major Overhaul

It’s been a busy month for DC, who have been dropping announcements pretty much every day about new titles and new creative teams debuting in October. Today’s announcement involves a major change on a series that has been a major part of the New 52 from the beginning – Batgirl.

DC Announces New Comics and New Creative Teams for October

Gail Simone will be ending her long tenure on the series as of August’s Batgirl #34, though she’ll also be penning the flash-forward issue Batgirl: Futures End #1 in September. As revealed by MTV this morning, Simone will be replaced by co-writers Cameron Stewart (Batman and Robin) and Brenden Fletcher (Wednesday Comics). As for the art, Stewart will be handling covers and layouts, while DC newcomer Babs Tarr will provide finishes to Stewart’s layouts.