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Man Subdues Intruder Using Video Game Gun

Of note: We don’t know which video game gun was used to subdue the intruder. This is just one possibility.

How did you spend your Sunday? For a 24-year-old Pittsburgh man, it involved subduing an intruder with a prop gun he was using to play a video game.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that a 24-year-old Oakland man (Oakland is a part of Pittsburgh) was playing a video game with headphones on when someone knocked on his door asking for a person he didn’t know.

The resident said he felt threatened, and then wielded a prop gun to keep the intruder at bay until police came to the scene. It’s not clear what game the person was playing, but games from the Cabela’s hunting series support gun peripherals, and Nintendo offers a Wii Zapper gun.

Those guns, however, don’t look all that realistic.

The accused burglar has since been identified and was subsequently charged with burglary, criminal trespassing, and possession of a criminal instrument, according to a Pittsburgh public safety spokesperson.

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