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Nick Cannon: I Like A Woman Who 'Knows' What She Wants

Fresh off the heels of revealing marital issues with wife, Mariah Carey, it appears Nick Cannon might be ready to move forward as an eligible bachelor.

During an interview with Hello Beautiful, the multifaceted “America’s Got Talent” host recently dished on his relationship needs. Cannon admitted that he prefers “a strong woman. I like somebody who knows what they want and getting right to it. That makes a lot of sense for me. And so I welcome that, or ‘welcomed’ that. “

In addition to his ideal woman, the 33-year-old also gave advice on how to ask a woman out on a date.

“You never want to make it about the individual,” he admitted. “You say, ‘Hey, what are you and your friends doing? I want to come hang out with y’all.’ Or, ‘let’s all go together.’ So that takes all the pressure off of it of this whole one on one conversation.’

“I’m a true believer in everything has to start off as a friendship first so it was never really about dating. Everybody that I was probably ever serious with it always started off like, ‘Yo, let’s just be cool,’ and then it turned into something else.”

Check out more of Nick Cannon relationship advice in the clip above.