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Powerful Video Reminds Women That Their Life Choices Belong To Only Them

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has a message to share: It’s her choice. Always.

This short film, produced by Dinesh Vijan and directed Homi Adjania as part of Vogue India’s #VogueEmpower campaign, gets a lot accomplished in just over two minutes, discussing topics like marriage, children, love, sex, attire and more.

Padukone’s voice booms powerfully in the background as “99 women from varying walks of life” flash on the screen, the publication notes.

“My body, my mind, my choice,” Padukone says in the video, adding, “My choice to be a size zero or a size 15. They don’t have a size for my spirit. They never will.”

We’re blown away. And feeling extremely empowered.

H/T NDTV Movies