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Why Peter Dinklage is F**king Awesome

Written By: Rebecca Flood

Everybody knows Peter Dinklage as the wonderful imp from Game of Thrones, but that’s not really the reason he’s so badass. He, as a person, is undeniably awesome.

1. He tried to make his own theater group in Brooklyn

After being in a school production, Dinklage decided he wanted to be a star. After finishing college, he moved to NYC to become an actor. However, nothing was really coming along… so he decided to create his own theater group in Brooklyn with a friend. It didn’t really work out, but he did land some roles off-Broadway! But seriously, thank god that didn’t work out… who knows what would have become of him.

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2. Billy Shakes Fan

Let’s face it… Shakespeare is the end all, be all of literature and theater. He mastered the theatrics, wooed your women, and is still relevant after 400 years. Dinklage played the title character in “Richard III”, a position not generally given to men of his stature. Most who saw the play though came to one conclusion, Dinklage owned that thrown. Move on over, Ian McKellen.

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3.  He’s from New Jersey

Only the most amazing people have come from New Jersey. Let’s be honest, you may hate the state but someone you love to hate, and hate to love, is from there. Jason Alexander (Seinfeld… come on now), Bon Jovi (overrated), Mitch Albom (the guy who made you cry about Morrie), Jason Biggs (so what if he fucked a pie?), and yes, the queen, Meryl Streep (if you don’t know who that is, just please leave). That list is endless full of stars. Not only is he from NJ, he grew up next door to Bruce, the boss man himself. How more Jersey can you be??

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4.  Seinfeld

That’s right… he was on Seinfeld… or at least, his voice was. James, the Wake Up guy, called Elaine and told her she had a sexy voice. Oh, you flirt… call me instead! But the whole time you know you were just thinking, “No, Peter Dinklage, you have a sexy voice.”

5.  30 Rock – Liz Lemon style

Dinklage played one of Liz Lemon’s many boyfriends, one called Stewart, on 30 Rock, but he stands out just a tad bit. First off, Liz mistakes him for a little boy – that’s not creepy at all. Later in the episode, when she’s trying to win him back, she mistakes a little boy for him which leaves him to say “Shut it down” – possibly one of the shows funniest moments. He said that Tina Fey is like royalty, ain’t that the truth?

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6.  Karaoke

If you don’t love him more already, (which you should), he does Karaoke with his boy, Paul Rudd. They sit around in a room and sing Karaoke … just because they love to sing. Oh, sometimes Bobby Cannavale and Joe Lo Truglio show up too. Just a couple of bros, hanging out, singing some Karaoke. You know you’re jealous.

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7.  He LOVES Animals

This might make you hate him a little, but stop being so judgey. So he’s a vegetarian … get over it, weirdos. He just straight up loves animals. He has said in countless interviews, “I like animals, all animals. I wouldn’t hurt a cat or a dog – or a chicken or a cow. And I wouldn’t ask someone else to hurt them for me. That’s why I’m a vegetarian.” Who can seriously argue with that?

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8.  Super Diverse

Yes, Mr. Dinklage is now known for his role on GOT but he’s been in a ton of other stuff! He even got to play the same character twice, for Death at a Funeral (both British version and American) – he’s that good! He played the terrible boss in Elf, an angry dwarf in Living in Oblivion, and did the voicing of Captain Gutt in Ice Age. He’s produced too… which is a pretty big accomplishment. He’s also writing and producing a film. Can this man become more talented?

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9.  Family Man

Again, this may not hit close to home for some – but from a woman’s point of view, sometimes guys with kids are just plain sexy. Seeing pictures of him walking his daughter around is super adorable, and you can tell that he’s a good fucking dad. Also, he loves his mom. He said that she keeps him humble – especially after telling him he was most likely going to lose the Golden Globe in 2011, but oh wait, Mama Dinklage, he won!

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10.  Game of Thrones

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He’s amazing on Game of Throne, you really couldn’t make a list about Peter Dinklage without talking about GOT. Watching him slap that little shit, Joffrey, in those first few episodes was amazing. If that’s not enough to like him, I honestly don’t know how to persuade you otherwise.

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