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Star Of 'Matilda' Says 'Matilda' Is The Story Of Hermione Raised By The Dursleys

Mara Wilson, star of the beloved film “Matilda,” recently tweeted out the ultimate fan-fiction cross over: a “Matilda” and “Harry Potter” mashup. Oh, the Potter-bilities.

The fan theory Wilson talks about, Matilda as Hermione “if she’d been raised by the Dursleys” has long been discussed and debated. But after receiving some input from “Matilda” expert Wilson herself, we can totally see it coming to life.

HA. “Matilda is the story of Hermione if she’d been raised by the Dursleys.”

I can see it.

— Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff) September 29, 2015

Matilda would have also been split between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, but ultimately go to the former.

— Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff) September 29, 2015

Though extremely smart, the Sorting Hat would clearly see that Matilda was brave and she would be right at home with other Gryffindors. But when it comes to hanging out with certain friends, Wilson says Matilda wouldn’t necessarily hang with Harry, Hermione and Ron.

She wouldn’t have been in the clique, but they’d get along. She’s older, and probably hung out with the teachers.

— Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff) September 29, 2015

I imagine Matilda would, as a seventh year, see second year Harry, Ron, and Hermione in the restricted section, and smile to herself.

— Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff) September 29, 2015

A fan stepped in to correct Wilson, saying that Potter was born in 1980 and Matilda in 1982, so she was actually two years younger. But even with a closer age gap, Wilson insisted that Matilda still wouldn’t hang with the crew.

I figured someone else would do the math. Either way, I think she’d keep to herself, but approve.

— Mara Wilson (@MaraWritesStuff) September 30, 2015

While we’re still trying to digest some of the details (Gryffindor over Ravenclaw? Really?) we can’t help but hope that avid tweeter J.K. Rowling will join in on the fun. And, of course, that either of two actually write something about the boy who lived and the magical Matilda.

In real life, Wilson solemnly swears she’s been up to no good has been busy after graduating from New York University in 2009. A writer and playwright, Wilson is apparently penning a book due in 2016. Fingers crossed there’s a chapter or two devoted to more “Matilda” theories.

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