Top 5 Reasons Why Jason David Frank Is King of Cons

It’s getting close to San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) and attendees are anxious for the release of the schedule for panels and guests. But don’t worry, keep calm, Jason David Frank is definitely attending and here’s why that’s all that matters.


  1. Lines are boring but JDF entertains

Comic-Con is the equivalent of a theme park for geeks.   You basically stand on the line for hours then in exchange get a fraction of that time back in the form of whatever it was you were waiting in line for. This is why people are antsy for the schedule to be released, we need to know what we’ll be waiting on those lines for! No one wants to wait in line for something that sucks, like the Vampire Diaries, ain’t nobody got time for that.

Luckily JDF makes waiting in lines fun. Being one of the few guests who acknowledge that he’s where he is due to the fans, he realizes that being on lines suck. So he messes with the exchange rate of wait time in exchange for fun and does his best to change up the status quo. As attendees wait to greet and meet, JDF is known to talk to the group, acknowledge their existence and even make a couple of funny jokes. Basically, you can comfortably go to see him and know that the wait in line won’t be incredibly boring.


  1. When you finally get to meet JDF, he makes it seem like he was waiting for you

Seeing your heroes at a con can yield mixed results. Some celebrities just look miserable or don’t care that you just spent an hour waiting on a line just to see them. If you meet JDF then you’re in luck as the guy is just an all around class act. He’s always got a grin across his face and genuinely looks like he enjoys life and being there. Bombarding you with questions about your life and addressing that great Power Ranger shirt you’re wearing, you’ll feel like he was the one that was eager to see you.


3.  His appearance most likely means info about the announced Power Rangers movie

Lionsgate Films recently announced interest in rebooting the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers into film. JDF is basically the most recognizable ranger as he’s one of the few actors from the show who, in addition to be fan favorite and awesome, has kept strong ties with the series. He’s gonna be in it. The studio would be nuts to not have him in it. As result, his appearance at the con means there will probably be some info on the movie.   The real question is – will Ivan Ooze make a comeback?

ivan oze

4.  Stan Lee loves him

He’s Stan Lee’s favorite Power Ranger….enough said!

  1. He’s the Green Ranger.

The best ranger. He didn’t even need to combine Zords with four other people to be useful. Cause he’s awesome like that. Plus, he could play the dagger like a musical instrument.