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10 Must-See Movies From The Arab World You Should Watch In 2015

There is nothing better than a good movie to start the New Year.

Following the success of the Carthage Festival, the Festival of Algiers and the Marrakech Festival, emerging film festivals in Maghreb and the Middle East have seen great success in the past few years. More local cinema productions have appeared in the Arab world’s film industry, which has resulted in significant media and public interest in movies from the region throughout the world. In spite of the revolutions, the sometimes slow democratic transitions, and the persistent dictatorships in Arab countries, 2014 was a year rich in movies.

Below, Huffpost Tunisia invites you to go through a small selection of must-see Arab movies released in 2014 that should be part of your screening queue in 2015.

This post originally appeared on HuffPost Tunisia and was translated into English.