$13 Gets You a Handful of Great, Offbeat Adult Swim PC Games

Humble Bundles are released on such a routine basis that I often think little of them anymore, but

You might not associate Adult Swim with games, but the company’s gaming branch–appropriately titled Adult Swim Games–has been responsible for a number of excellent, often offbeat games (well, except Super Comboman). These include games like Jazzpunk, a hilarious first-person adventure game, and Super House of Dead Ninjas, a fantastic, retro-style action-platformer.

Both of these games are among the seven available through this Humble Bundle, though just which you get depends on how much you’re willing to pay. You can get three games (Soundodger+, Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe, and Fist Puncher) at any price, two more if you beat the average purchase price (Super House of Dead Ninjas, Volgarr the Viking, plus DLC for several of these games and a demo of Westerado: Double Barreled), and another two (Jazzpunk and Super Comboman) if you pay $13 or more. Bundles with physical items like keychains and t-shirts are available when your purchase price reaches $30 or $75, but the real stars of the bundle are the games.

For all of the games (and DLC) you get here, $13 an excellent price; Jazzpunk is one of the more memorable experiences with a game I’ve had in recent years, and Soundodger’s soundtrack is fantastic–though you’ll want to be sure to play the game with a mouse, not a controller.

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