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Award-Winning Author Jacqueline Woodson Responds To Racist Joke

Author Jacqueline Woodson addressed Daniel Handler’s (aka “Lemony Snicket”) racist joke, Friday, with an unflinching response in The New York Times. Handler previously made offhanded comments about Woodson being allergic to watermelon while hosting the National Book Awards. Woodson was accepting an award in the young adult category for her latest book “Brown Girl Dreaming.” […]

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Feed The Nostalgic Beast Inside With These Shrines To Your Favorite 90s Idols

Michelle Guintu‘s upcoming exhibition is titled “Obsession” and it’s not hard to see why. The artists craft sharp-edged, multimedia shrines to classic hip hop artists, pop stars and cult film characters. For Guintu, nostalgia isn’t an ironic throwback but an intense fervor, and her artworks don’t just namedrop, they deify. “I choose subjects that I’m […]

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