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Marvel Announces "Famous Firsts" Graphic Novel Set

A couple months ago, Marvel solicited a special collection of their Marvel Masters works hardcover line aimed at celebrating the publisher’s 75th Anniversary. Dubbed the “Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set,” this collection includes 10 Vol. 1 hardcovers from the Marvel Masterworks series, covering classic Silver Age comics like The Avengers, Fantastic Four, […]

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'Legends' Episode 3 Recap: It's All Fun & Games Until Someone Gets VX In Their Eye

QUESTION: Should you have kept your graphic design job? HYPOTHESIS: No, no matter how disappointing recapping “Legends” is, graphic design is way worse. PROCEDURE: Watch episode three of “Legends,” entitled “Lords Of War” to see if you fully regret your career choices. PROCEDURE NOTES & OBSERVATIONS: “Don’t fuck with the lords of war.” “Don’t fuck […]

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