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An Alternative Thanksgiving Playlist To Get You Through Cooking A Whole Meal

Imagine this: It’s Thanksgiving morning and you’ve probably just embarked on what will be a marathon day of chopping, slicing, stuffing and basking until the sweet smells of roasted turkey (or tofurky) float through your abode. It can be a daunting project, often taking three to five hours to create the perfect spread of mashed potatoes, green beans, yams and every other delicious side dish you can imagine.

What’s the perfect accompaniment to this day of food prep? A playlist.

Enter “The Thanksgiving Playlist That Will Get You Through Hours of Cooking.” That’s right, we’ve put together a hefty list of songs that is guaranteed to last all the way through your turkey-cooking experience (as long as said turkey is roughly 12 pounds or less). It’s hours of pure holiday entertainment — Thanksgiving themed, of course — that we hope will make waiting on that golden bird that much more enjoyable.

1. “Cold Turkey” – John Lennon

2. “Mashed Potato Love” – Chubby Checkers

3. “The Gravy” – Japanther

4. “Thanksgiving Song” – The National

5. “Dinner for Two” – St. Vincent and David Byrne

6. “Tasty Pudding” – Miles Davis

7. “Momma’s Gravy” – Calypso King and the Soul Investigators

8. “Hey Good Lookin'” – Hank Williams

9. “Mash Potato” – Dee Dee Sharp

10. “I Heard The Voice of a Pork Chop” – Jim Jackson

11. “Dinner Bells” – Wolf Parade

12. “Family Tree” – Black Lips

13. “Pumpkin Seeds” – Devendra Banhart

14. “Taste – Animal Collective”

15. “Rice Pudding” – Sufjan Stevens

16. “Bread” – Yellow Ostrich

17. “Do The Bird” – Dee Dee Sharp

18. “Sweet Potato Shuffle” – The Polish Ambassador

19. “Sweet Thang” – Turbo Fruits

20. “Flightless Bird American Mouth” – Iron & Wine

In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re featuring an article originally published last year.