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Bea Miller Covers Sam Smith's 'Stay With Me'

Original Song: “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith

Cover Artist: Singer/songwriter Bea Miller, one of our favorite former “X Factor USA” contestants

How It’s Different: In this cover, Miller nixes the choir that accompanied Smith in his original version, performing alongside a single guitarist. She slows the song down and transforms the pop song into a sadder, more soulful ballad. Without the back-up vocals or the energetic drum beat, our focus is entirely on her voice.

Why We Love It: Miller’s voice packs enough punch on its own, and she’s best when singing love ballads. Miller strips down Smith’s original track to its bare bones, and takes time to let her gravelly voice explore each note. We’re not surprised; she added the same emotional rawness to her cover of Katy Perry’s pop anthem “Roar” last year, which she performed alongside Boyce Avenue.

Better than the Original? We loved the original, and mean no disrespect to the crazy-talented Smith — but we found Bea Miller’s version more powerful and genuine.

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Shout out to our fellow Bea Miller fans on Twitter for bringing this song to our attention. Stay fabulous.