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'Boy Meets Girl' Director Eric Schaeffer Sounds Off On His Film's Tackling Of Transgender Issues

GLAAD’s Claire Pires got a peek behind the scenes of “Boy Meets Girl,” the hotly-anticipated new transgender romantic comedy, when she sat down for an in-depth interview with the film’s director, Eric Schaeffer.

“I didn’t want it to feel like we were watching a movie that was, first and foremost, a movie that was there to educate us,” Schaeffer said of his film, which stars transgender actress Michelle Hendley. “It’s just a regular, loving romantic comedy, but its lens is a new one.”

He went on to note, “Powerful, smart women [who] also happen to be transgender women coming out in support of the film obviously makes me feel like we might have done something right.”

“Boy Meets Girl” opened in limited release in February, and has received glowing reviews.

“The profoundly sensitive, often wryly funny look at friendship, romance, sexual attraction and gender identity carries themes and dynamics that feel as timeless as they do up-to-the-minute,” Gary Goldstein of The Los Angeles Times wrote.