Get Ready to Crash Moons Into Enemy Planets In Planetary Annihilation on September 5

Planetary Annihilation, the real-time-strategy game that allows you to strap engines to moons or asteroids so that they can be launched into planets to destroy them, will be out on September 5 for $30, developer Uber Entertainment announced today.

That date is almost two years to the day since PA was successfully funded through Kickstarter. Uber, which previously developed Monday Night Combat and counts veterans of classic strategy games like Total Annihilation and Command & Conquer among its staff, turned to the site for $900,000. Instead, it received more than $2.2 million, a figure which has only grown by selling early access to the in-development version since then.

An incomplete version of PA has been playable since last year, provided you pledged enough money to the Kickstarter. A final version was expected out before the end of 2013, but ended up being delayed until the nebulous date of “when it’s done.” Uber has been rolling out new features and improvements over the past year, and has done one of the better jobs of keeping its Kickstarter backers consistently informed about the game’s progress.

When it’s officially launched, new, unspecified enhancements will be introduced to the single-player and multiplayer modes. Gas giants that contain large amounts of resources will also be added, as will the Annihilaser, the huge, Death Star-like weapon seen in the launch trailer above, which I absolutely cannot wait to try out for myself. If you already have early access to the game, you’ll be getting these new features in an update coming “shortly.”

For more on the game, check out our hands-on impressions from earlier this year.

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