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Here's The Snoop Dogg Episode Martha Stewart Was Talking About On The Bieber Roast

The Internet crowned Martha Stewart the queen of Justin Bieber’s Comedy Central roast on Monday night. Seeing Stewart crack jokes about Ludacris, Shaquille O’Neal and Hannibal Buress was nice, but the real highlight came when the lifestyle guru reminded us of the time Snoop Dogg appeared on her talk show, which began in 1993 as “Martha Stewart Living” and continued as simply “Martha” after her five-month prison tenure in late 2004 and early 2005.

“It’s nice to see Snoop again,” she said while tallying the guests during her time at the podium. “One of the highest-rated episodes on my show, ‘Martha Stewart Living,’ was when Snoop and I made brownies together. I’ve used his recipe ever since. As a matter of fact, I ate three of them right before they called and asked me to do this roast.”

If you were wondering what the duo could have discussed while seated next to each other for two hours, don’t. Their aforementioned history dates back to 2008, when Snoop appeared on “Martha” to make mashed potatoes and teach Stewart essential vocabulary like “fo’ shizzle” and “ball till ya fall.” A year later, Snoop returned to teach her a recipe for “green-colored brownies.” (Recommended baking temperature for the “special” treats: 420 degrees.) By that point, they seemed like old friends, which means it’s time we all rewatch this glorious television landmark:

Here are the mashed potatoes and life lessons from 2008’s episode:

“Where’s Snoop? I have brownies FOR YOU,” Stewart said in a Reddit AMA last March.