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The One Thing Bill Maher Loves About Donald Trump

On “Real Time With Bill Maher” Friday night, Maher led a panel discussion about the Republican presidential candidates’ greatest weaknesses, inspired by the question that opened the GOP debate Wednesday.

While Maher has expressed clearly negative feelings about Trump in the past, he did reveal one thing he appreciates about the candidate.

“Trump [was] the only guy who was honest,” Maher said to his panelists. “He said, ‘I don’t forgive.’ I love Trump for that. He’s like, I don’t forgive. You fuck with me, I’m Vito Corleone, I will follow you back to Italy. I will find you in your old age and I will stick a knife in your stomach.'”

Back in September, Maher called out Trump’s ignorant comments about undocumented workers by channeling him in a segment jokingly telling Americans to rally against Australians “taking” our jobs.

“Australia is not sending us its best people,” he said. “They’re bringing drugs — yes, enough for everybody, but still — they’re rapists — OK, not rapists, but they do a lot of fucking — and I assume some are good people.”

Sigh. It’s not too surprising that Maher had trouble finding something about Trump to like.

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