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Watch Hannibal Buress Expertly Shut Down A Heckler In Delaware

Here’s why some people who go to comedy shows should be held to a two-drink maximum.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on Sunday, comedian and “Broad City” star Hannibal Buress shows us the best way to deal with a heckler in the audience at the Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware. Buress doesn’t just make fun of the (probably) intoxicated man who kept yelling out, he also relates to him — albeit on a smaller scale.

“I’ve done shit when I was drunk … not interrupt a show that 1,100 other people are watching,” he said. “When I’m drunk, I like to ruin one or two people’s nights: A cab driver, a bartender, a woman that I’m seeing …”

In addition to the off-the-cuff bit, Buress reminds the audience why people heckle in the first place (to get attention) and recommends how one can get that attention (hard work) instead of interrupting a show that even the heckler paid to see. And, how about this for a new term for hecklers?

“You, sir, are a social terrorist,” Buress suggested.