5 possible explanations for what Destiny’s “Traveler” is


In the highly anticipated first person shooter, Destiny, you play as a Guardian of Earth, set out to drive back the darkness that threatens existence.  The mysterious benefactor for your crusade of justice?  A giant white ball looming over Earth.  Referred to as the “Traveler”, there isn’t much known about it except that it has magically appeared over Earth and someone who “speaks for the Traveler” assigns you missions to assist in fighting the evils of the universe.  That’s all good and dandy, but what exactly is that thing?  And why is it giving orders?!  There’s a chance these questions will be answered in the game but here are 5 possibilities as to what exactly The Traveler is:


The Death Star


It could very well be the most nefarious twist in gaming.  You go out trying to combat the darkness when in fact you’re doing the will of the Sith!  Dun dun dun!  Okay, it seems like a stretch but Soul Calibur 4 did boast Darth Vader as a playable character with a story that involves crossing dimensions.  If that can be a thing, then a game with space Wizards can definitely host Jedi.


The DeathEgg Ship


Like the idea of the Death Star but feel it’s not too video gamey?  Well then, you’ll love the idea that the giant Traveler is actually Robotnik’s space fortress from the Sonic the Hedgehog series.  It would certainly explain why Peter Dinklage is a floating robot in the game.  The guy’s clearly been Roboticized.


The Evil Moon from Majora’s Mask


Oh dear god, can you imagine it?  The grand reveal at the end of Destiny when you find out you have just been a puppet to the most haunting face in all of gaming?!  I’m just saying, if Zelda can mix it up with Dynasty Warriors, maybe the creepy moon can do a crossover as well.


The Evil Bubble from The Prisoner


It’s the evil bubble from 1967 show, The Prisoner.  The bubble isn’t giving the orders, but rather it’s Patrick McGoohan trapped inside.  This theory will be confirmed once we are told that the traveler is not a number but a free man.


Space baby!

space oddysey

It would make complete sense if the space baby from the end of 2001 Spacy Odyssey didn’t break out of its amniotic sac and has spent the last hundred years just getting bigger and bigger.  Until all it can do is just float over earth and be cryptic.  And if there’s one thing space baby likes to do, it’s be cryptic.