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New Toy Soldiers announced with He-Man & GI Joe – who are they fooling with the secret characters?

A sequel to the last-gen franchise Toy Soldiers was announced, though the exciting news is that instead of the bootleg toys in past games it will also features 80 icons GI Joe and He-Man.   But lets be real here.  No 80s kid is going to be fooled into wondering who those black silhouettes on […]


6 Things We Could Get From Spider-Man Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is big. His name alone rakes in more money from merchandise than the Avengers combined. So now that he’s joining the group, what does this mean for the viewers? What does Marvel having access to Spidey mean for us? 1) The triumphant return of J. Jonah Jameson J.K. Simmons […]


5 lessons we learned from the Superbowl 2015

1) Dancing Sharks make great hype men Singing trees are also found in California.   2) Katy Perry is either a Pokemon or a 90s Wrestling Star Not surprising considering the overlap between kids who grew up with pokemon and kids who grew up with WWF.   3) Mobile gaming has enough marketing dollars for […]


5 possible explanations for what Destiny’s “Traveler” is

In the highly anticipated first person shooter, Destiny, you play as a Guardian of Earth, set out to drive back the darkness that threatens existence.  The mysterious benefactor for your crusade of justice?  A giant white ball looming over Earth.  Referred to as the “Traveler”, there isn’t much known about it except that it has […]


5 Things Hello Kitty Could Be – Since She’s “not a cat”

5 things Hello Kitty could be since she’s “not a cat” With Hello Kitty Con coming to LA this fall, there’s some new details about the cat spreading through the internet. The biggest detail it would seem is that Sanrio, the company behind Hello Kitty, has stated that Hello Kitty is not a cat. Let […]


Is EA setting itself up to be the Netflix of gaming?

EA has announced that it plans on launching a brand new service, premiering on Xbox One first, called EA Access. EA Access intends on being a subscription service for gamers that will provide perks like 10% off digital purchases of EA games and allowing users to play time-limited complete access trials of EA games up […]


New Pokemon game announced, Pokemon meets Tekken – “Pokken Tournament”

The Pokemon Company has been teasing a new Pokemon game for the last week and just released the megaton announcement – a new Pokemon game.  But it’s not the traditional game, not the card game, not a rescue ranger game, and not a Puyo Puyo clone…it’s a straight up fighting game.  Made by Namco, makers […]


10 Funniest Spider-Man moments

In a world of gritty super heroes, Spider-Man has always remained the lighthearted one of the bunch.  Here are some of his sillier moment. That time he had his heart broken That time he had an identity crisis That time he had a second identity crisis That time he ate too much That time he […]


Chester Cheeto comes to Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

PvZ Garden Warfare is already a weird game, taking the loveable mobile plant tower defense game and turning it into a 3rd person shooter boasting horde and versus modes.  It’s a bizarre take on an already bizarre franchise.  Even the tagline for the game is shooters just got weird.  But the game just got weirder. […]