5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Geeks in Love


Well Valentine’s Day is back again. Whether you love it or hate it, the red hearts and expensive chocolate are everywhere (the chocolates are expensive until the 15th that is). But because Geeks are Geeks, they can enjoy Valentine’s day with a little extra flare. Now, you CAN just stay at home and pretend it doesn’t exist, but where is the fun in that? Here is a list of fun Valentine’s Day ideas that every Geeky couple can enjoy.


1) Cook from home

While many people go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day, there can be a few problems. First off, a lot of restaurants are going to take the opportunity to serve a fixed-cost menu that’s going to be pretty pricy and unnecessarily inflated. Also, it’s one of the few holidays chefs tend to take off from work. So a lot of the time, you are getting the B-list guy. Why not experiment in the kitchen and try a new recipe? Kitchen Overlord has a bunch of geek culture inspired recipes with fun illustrations as well. Personally, Deadpool’s Chimichangas looked great. Another great site is more on the video game front. Gormet Gaming  is very charming. Each dish is based off of a mentioned meal in a video game with a heart meter to show its difficulty. For her site, I thought that the Sim’s Goopy Carbonara looked pretty simple (and delicious too boot).



2) Share Foot Notes

Foot notes give us just a little bit more information about a topic that we didn’t already know. Why not share that with your fellow geek? Each of you writes on the bottom of the other person’s foot something they don’t know (a secret, a fun anecdote about a story they already know, etc). Don’t look at it until after dinner (and no peeking).



3) It’s time to Duel

Play a card game with your partner. It can be Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon, or even something really obscure neither of you has heard of. If one of you knows how to play, it’s your chance to teach them. If you neither of you have played the game before, it’ll be fun to learn it together. Pick up two starter decks, a bottle of wine, and play through the night.



4) Share Nostalgia

Did you have an old game (computer or otherwise) you REALLY loved as a kid? Has your significant other played it? If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to take a trip down memory lane. Each of you buy or bring the game you want to share and play the games together, with the person being introduced “driving” so to speak. Try to pick something you loved, but don’t remember so clearly. Games like Planescape Torment or one of the early Kings Quest games have good talk-over-decisions kind of gameplay that really works well with two people.



5) Play a Co-Op Videogame

Finding a good two player game that doesn’t pit you and your geek lover against each other can be difficult enough, let alone finding a good one. Here are a couple of fun…couples games that let you use your powers combined.



Happy Valentines!