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Mollie knew she wanted to be a writer when she grew up when she wrote 17 page ghost story for a 5th grade writing assignment and all of her other classmates only wrote 1 page stories. Her story didn't make a lot of sense, but no one's writing makes sense unless the writer has experienced some sort of tragedy. And tragedy did strike shortly after that writing assignment. One night, at the dinner table, her parents told her to try some green vegetable called.....BRUSSELS SPROUTS. And it tasted HORRIBLE. So horrible in fact, that she had to get her aggression out on the nearest thing possible. Which was her older brother. So....she kicked him under the table and then told her parents that her brother kicked her. He never forgot her treachery. To this day, she can still hear him plead his innocence and must live with her great betrayal for the rest of time. Except when she writes. Because she is super focused and can't hear anything around her when she is in the writing zone. Oh. And Mollie lives in New York, likes to play video games, read in the park, and wishes she had the power to teleport because she is usually running a little late and teleportation would be a huge stress reliever.

5 Valentine’s Day Activities for Geeks in Love

Well Valentine’s Day is back again. Whether you love it or hate it, the red hearts and expensive chocolate are everywhere (the chocolates are expensive until the 15th that is). But because Geeks are Geeks, they can enjoy Valentine’s day with a little extra flare. Now, you CAN just stay at home and pretend it […]


Gotham episode 2: Rising Potential. With Ideas that Excite and Worry

Gotham got its next installment this week. And I’m still a bit torn about the show. Don’t get me wrong. I like the show. I’m just not sure how much I like it. It’s not like Game of Thrones or Arrow where you scream at your television because of what just happened or the crazy […]


Gotham Isn’t What People Need, Not What They Deserve, But It’ll Do

  Gotham is the new gritty Batman show that wants to appeal to fans of the Nolan films and do that whole “new and edgy” thing shows like Arrow have done (and done well I might add). The main problem of the pilot is, the show was so focused on getting as much Batman lore […]


TotallyPopCulture’s Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Overall Rating: 81/2 out of 10 Should I see this: YES! Go now. Like now now. Should I see anything else before this: No need! So you’ve probably heard by now that there’s this new Marvel movie called “Guardians of the Galaxy.” And unless you were at one of the three showings in that Virginia […]

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6 Reasons Why Being a Nerd in 2014 Rocks

1) Superhero stuff is in This one should be obvious, but damn it feels good. We’ve always known superheroes were wonderful stories and now everyone else does too. This goes beyond Superman and Batman movies, since they are so well known and about as American as apple pie. I’m talking about Black Widow, Iron Man, […]


5 Things People Who Don’t Like or Understand YA Books/Movies Should Know

YA, for those of you who refused or were too lazy to Google it, is an abbreviation for Young Adult. It’s that popular umbrella that includes stories like the Hunger Games, the Divergent series, Harry Potter, Fault In Our Stars, City of Bones, the Twilight series, and a whole bunch more. They are stories that […]