6 Things We Could Get From Spider-Man Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Spider-Man joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe is big. His name alone rakes in more money from merchandise than the Avengers combined. So now that he’s joining the group, what does this mean for the viewers? What does Marvel having access to Spidey mean for us?

1) The triumphant return of J. Jonah Jameson


J.K. Simmons is mostly likely coming back to reprise his role as the head of the Daily Bugle. In addition to voicing Jameson in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon (hinting that Marvel knows he is the role), Simmons was on the Howard Stern show recently and in response to reprising the role said, “I just heard we . . . that that’s a possibility.”

2) Crossover on AKA Jessica Jones


After Daredevil, the next Netflix original from Marvel is AKA Jessica Jones. For those who don’t know, the story of Jessica Jones is that she was a nerdy girl in highschool who was in love with Peter Parker. But before she could confess her love, she got into an accident leaving her in a coma and then awakened with super powers. We could easily see hints of the Spider-Man world dropping into the show, if not the true origin story involving Peter.

3) Norman Osborn as a villain


With Spider-Man joining the MCU continuity comes also his rogues gallery of villains. The most notable of all being Norman Osborn who in the comics, uses the Civil War between Captain America and Iron Man to establish a counter to SHIELD and also the Dark Avengers. With the climate of the films, SHIELD being terrorists and Spider-Man’s first appearance to likely being the upcoming Civil War film, it’s very much possible that Osborn will be the evil mastermind working with the government.

4) Crossover on SHIELD


Spider-Man’s parents have a sketchy background as being SHIELD agents. In order to give some Spider-Man love to the show, it’s very much possible that a third season of SHIELD could involve the Parkers in some capacity.

5) Hulk getting punched into space


The image above is the one Marvel released alongside the announcement of Spider-Man joining the MCU. Notice anything odd? Other than a Captain America who looks eerily like the Winter Soldier, it would seem that the Hulk is missing. Could our green gentle giant be blasted off into space ala Team Rocket getting foiled, setting up an empty roster slot and potential Planet Hulk followup?  Heck, maybe the writers will go old school and Spider-Man will have uppercut the Hulk into space.


6) We get to see Uncle Ben die again.


I wonder how it’ll go down this time.

Whatever happens, all we know is. HE’S BACK