Backstreet Boys in Camden New Jersey Review

Written By: Michelle L. Pisarri

Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden New Jersey became the epicenter of screaming fans on Saturday night (June 21). Hours before the show, in typical tailgate fashion, drinking games riddled the lot with the addition of blasted Back Street Boys songs.


As show time approached, lines wrapped around every nook of the parking lot. After passing through the doors you could not help but get this feeling of winning a race- and immediately starting another. People darted to find the perfect spot – and within minutes the center was packed.


To open the show Backstreet Boy member, Brian, came into view from backstage with a pint sized version of himself. Low and behold it was his son- ready to perform a classic song, The Temptations, “My Girl.”


It was nice to see Brian chalking up his kid to be quite talented. Right before he begins the crowd cheered for the seemingly nervous mini-star. How good could his young son be? The kid hits a perfect note to start and continues to belt out the song like a pro. Looks like dad had pretty good reason to be talking up his son.


The stage was prepped and ready to go for the next act. The crowd lets out a huge pop as she surfaces- Avril Lavigne.


She performed the perfect amount of throwback songs like Complicated and Skater Boy as well as her newer released songs like Girlfriend and Here’s to Never Growing Up. She gave her all to the crowd-and the crowd gave it right back. It was rare to see a person not dancing around or singing all the lyrics at the top of their lungs. Noticeably everyone in the audience started reliving their teenage years.


Then it was time.


Yes I am making this dramatic.


Their silhouettes hit the stage.


The marking out begins.


The Backstreet Boys left the bopping around like little ones to bands like One Direction. They stuck with what they know and do best; performing their greatest hits, dancing with their classic moves, and taking the crowd back to the days when they were topping charts. Their rendition of Pharrell’s ‘Get Lucky’ was outside of their top hits- but definitely enjoyed by the crowd.


Between each performance the Backstreet boys had an individual segment to simply talk to the crowd. It was filled with thank you speeches, and appreciation for their fans being around for a long time.
After performing their set list with songs like, “The Call”, “Don’t Want you Back”, “As long As You Love Me” and so on… the show started to come to a close. The lights turned out and the screams subsided. People started picking up their things and getting ready to head home.


Lights and sounds started blaring- Backstreet’s Back- and ‘everybody now’ puts their things down and starts screaming for their next song.


Now finally the show comes to an end as the lights turn down. Never mind- one more song, one that was ‘Larger than Life’.
After the wow factor sunk in- they said their thank yous’ and goodnights’. As for the crowd, once more a race began – it probably took people between 45 minutes to 2 hours to try and leave that parking lot that night. But in the end- it was all worth it. Even buying that $15 boy band T-Shirt… from that guy… in that parking lot… that smelt like weed… No Regrets.