Be Ted Mosby Because It’s Worth The Wait

If you havent seen How I Met Your Mother and plan to in the future, do not read the rest of this article.


So judge me for being clichéand inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother, but after 199 other episodes, this one has to be my absolute favorite. Yes, even more than when Barney and Ted licked the Liberty Bell. Besides the episodes about Marshall’s dad dying, when Ted got left at the altar, or when Barney pulled off the greatest proposal in all television history, I have never cried so much. I am an emotional person, but it was an episode for the books.



Here is why: We have obsessed and waited for eight long seasons to meet the mother and get to know her. And once again HIMYM never disappoints because she is everything I expected to be for Ted and so much more. This episode was everything that How I Met Your Mother has been about all along. This show was about Ted waiting. Maybe we should take notes from the magnificent writers; that everything we go through so young in life is all about waiting for the person who we are suppose to spend the rest of our lives with. And the bigger picture is every single mistake we make, person we encounter, and every hardship we go through brings us exactly where we are suppose to be.

Every person, including me, in the world hates waiting. It is usually because we think all our friends are happy, in love, and have everything in the world going for them. But the truth is that they probably don’t really have as much as we think and that everyone has something they’d like to change or are still waiting for. Some people are waiting for that guy to message them first, some one is waiting for their dad to come who left them years ago, and some people are waiting for a promotion that they have been working long and hard for. We are all waiting, but instead of  constantly waiting for something exciting to happen why don’t we just live in the moment? BE TED MOSBY. Date a lot of people, say yes to everyone who asks you to dance, and believe that every single thing is destiny. Ted Mosby is the best person you can be. Everyone feels sorry for him, but I don’t because he will always have the best and truest stories out of all his friends. Be like Ted Mosby and your first marriage will be your only one.

Ted Mosby could have settled for someone who was nice or sweet, but he didn’t he demanded more than that. Ted didn’t settle for someone who made him feel stuck. He didn’t settle for someone who he wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable with. And more importantly he didn’t settle for someone who didn’t bring out the best in him. Ted Mosby waited for someone who he didn’t have everything in common with, but the things they did have in common were the most important ones. He waited for someone who made him a better person every day.  He waited for someone who made him believe in love when he was just about to give up.

Be Ted Mosby. Because you know what the best part of waiting is? That someone is waiting for you too.

Written By:

Niki Russo