Captain America: Civil War Pops and Dorbz

Funko has announced  Captain America: Civil War, including Pops (both standard and exclusive) and a series of Dorbz.

The line will include Captain America, Iron Man (in what I believe is his Mark XLVI armor), War Machine, Black Panther, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Agent 13, Winter Soldier, and Crossbones.

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Exclusives will be

Barnes & Noble: Unmasked Crossbones

Gamestop: “Action Pose” Captain America

Hot Topic: Unmasked Iron Man and the first Falcon Pop

Target: Battle Damaged Crossbones

Walgreen’s: Unmasked Black Panther.

Funko-Civil-War-Pops-1-300x300 Funko-Civil-War-Pops-2-300x300 Funko-Civil-War-Pops-3-300x300 Funko-Civil-War-Vinyl-Dorbz-250x300