This week CBFU’ s fearless leader, Jose Lugo (AKA Daddy Big Dick) and Tony Pineiro join me and Isaac review some really high quality books.


Swamp Thing #33 (9/10 Lugos)

Swamp Thing has been one of the stronger books since the beginning of the New 52. Scott Snyder didn’t end his run on Swamp thing as strong as it began. A mixture of uneven art, and a crossover with Animal Man, that was never as good as it could have been tarnished his run at the end. When Charles Soule was announced as the new writer I wasn’t expecting much. Boy was I wrong. Charles Soule’s run on Swamp Thing has, if anything, been stronger than Snyder’s run. He has taken the mythology of Swamp Thing first introduced by Alan Moore, and then expanded on by Snyder, and expanded it in new exciting directions. Swamp Thing has recently destroyed the parliament of trees, and bought three of the parliament back as humans. Two of these characters are plotting against him to regain the power they used to have. In this issue they try to wear Swamp Thing down so they can take him out. Javier Pina is on art, and helps to make Swamp Thing the great book it is. Whether it’s the child like Swamp Thing that Swamp Thing creates to watch the Green, or the army of demons Swamp Thing fights in this issue, his design work adds to the world that Soule is creating. This is one of the strongest books DC is currently putting out, and well worth your time, and $2.99.


Figment #2 (7/10 Lugos)

Ok. Stop Laughing. This is a book based on the mascot, of that least popular of Disney amusement parks, Epcot. The mascot is of course the dragon called Figment, and it is better then it has any right to be. This is the perfect comic to give a child to introduce them to the world of comics. This book could have easily been a throw away, cash grab for the Disney Parks to sell, but in the hands of writer Jim Zub, with some beautiful art by Filipe Andrade , it is more than that. It’s the origin tale for Figment, who is born from the imagination of a scientists mind, and transported to a land of Imagination with the scientist, where they have to find their way home. The script by Zub is light and fun, and Andrade creates a whole new world, and the creatures that inhabit it. I wasn’t familiar with Andrade’s art before reading Figment, but he is definitely an artist to watch. For anyone who loves fantasy, or who visited Epcot as a child, and had a Figment Stuffed animal (don’t judge me) this is a book for you. Whether it’s for a kid, or a kid at heart Figment is a book to check out.


Earth 2 #25 (8/10 Lugos)

It has almost been three years since the New 52 launched with its first issue of Justice League. This new universe began with an invasion from Apokalips and established Darkseid as one of the big bads for this new, modern Justice League. I bring this up because Earth-2 has been dealing with an invasion from Apokalips since its inception back in May of 2012.

You would think that after 20 some odd issues of essentially the same story that this would be a chore to read, but Earth-2 is one of the more solid books DC has been publishing since Tom Taylor took over for James Robinson. This particular issue picks up with the big reveal that Val Zod (a young Kryptonian who’s been under the protection of the heroes of this Earth) has been hiding his own version of Superman’s costume under his clothes. As it turns out, he was taken in by Lara and Jor-El at a young age and sent out on his own ship when Krypton met its end. He wears the S to honor them; and I have to say this may be one of my new favorite reinterpretations of the Superman suit.

But this book is more that showing off the new black Superman in an awesome costume. We get a great moment with Jay Garrick in what may possibly be the first instance the Speed Force is subtly referenced in Earth-2, and it comes as much of a surprise to The Flash as it did to me. The book also picks up where the previous book left off with the once-thought-dead-now-turned-evil Superman bringing Lois, who is now also Red Tornado (long story) to dinner at the Kent farm. Add in appearances from Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Batman and about half a dozen more characters to round out the cast of this issue.

Nicola Scott continues to impress in this issue. Her work is one of the more underrated of the New 52. Tom Taylor is killing it in this book. In many ways this is the kind of book so many have cried out for in the New 52. It’s different, it isn’t afraid of making bold moves and it truly feels like anything can happen in this story. If I have one fault with this issue (and the book in general) is that it lacks a clear jumping on point. It is hard to find an issue that anyone can pick up and understand what’s going on if they have no idea of the event of the past two years.


Moon Knight #5 review by Daddy Big (9/10 Lugos)

I admit I have not always been a Moon Knight fan. I have just recently been trying to learn all I can about Konshu’s Avatar and it’s been an amazing ride. Especially now with Warren Ellis’s run which sadly ends in the next issue. Every issue has been a stand alone story which anyone can pick up at any time in this run and enjoy the hell out of it. This issue was no difference it always starts like Law and Order with the conflict of the story being introduced then with the (MARVEL PRESENTS MOON KNIGHT) Without spoiling too much is any crime took place at night Moon Knight is there to put it right. In this case it was a kidnapping of a girl. He must infiltrate a building full of thugs and save the girl. He handles it like a champ and the ending leaves you all types of hyped! Check it out!


Batman Eternal # 13 (9/10 Lugos)

Weekly series are tough. Gotta keep the audience entertained week in and week out, while not rushing to the finish because there is more than half a year of weeklies to

go. Future’s End makes it look near impossible to do a good weekly. Batman Eternal says, “Fuck you, Future’s End, let me show you how its done.” Despite a few bad weeks, this series has been kicking ass. The latest issue is not only continuing that trend, but it also happens to be the best one yet.

The trial of Commissioner Gordon approaches, those still loyal to Gordon make a play that is incredibly risky but incredibly awesome. This is one of the best Batman stories I have read in recent memory, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have a feeling we are in for a lot more surprises before the end.

Twilight Zone # 6 (8/10 Lugos)

I used to watch the Twilight Zone marathons with my Dad all the time as a kid. I loved the Twilight Zone. It was some of the best TV that I have ever seen. Making the transition to a comic book is a risky endeavor, especially because there have been so many TZ clones over the years that weren’t good. This series seems to have three main stories that bump up against each other. #6 is the second issue of the second arc, and it is my favorite issue yet.

The first arc was good, about a Wall Street guy who was trying to create a new identity, but this arc is even better. A mysterious coin seems to have given our lead female psychic powers. She is trying to balance all of that with increasing visions of an impending terrorist attack. The art is very strong, and the plot is very engaging. This is the best Twilight Zone follow up I have ever seen. Rod Serling would be proud.

It may be hard to just pick up this issue, but I think you could pick up #5 with this one, and you’d be fine… But for the full effect, go back to #1 and buy them all. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


Mile Morales: Ultimate Spiderman # 3 (8/10 Lugos)

Ultimate Spiderman was once my favorite comic book. Ultimate Peter was one of my favorite comic book characters. His death kind of made me recoil a bit from the Ultimate U. The new Spiderman, Miles Morales, was good and interesting but I missed Peter. The latest volume of Ultimate Spiderman has teased the return of Peter, which makes me excited to find out what happens next, but it has also been the strongest Miles stories yet.

Norman Osborn is back with a vengence, and it looks like Miles is all that can stop him. While there is no movement on the Ultimate Peter plot, what movement there is is strong. Best Spiderman book on the stands right now.