Five Points Festival 2017 – Comics. Toys. Food. Booze. A Jedi craves all these things.

Five Points Festival was hosted at Pier 36 this past weekend and was an absolute blast.  Smaller on the scale of cons, it provided a very unique experience with a focus on things that get lost in the shuffle as other cons grow to be bigger.


The con didn’t promote any big names or have extravagant signings.  That is not what the con was about.  Instead of celebrities, it focused on the hobbies themselves.  Attendees could go in and peruse booths of toys and comics, see the items they wanted to purchase and maybe discover something new.  Due to the nature of not attracting attendees present only for celebrity presence, you were always surrounded by people who were equally (if not more) into the hobby you were there for.  Of course, it was still possible to spot a fellow enthusiast who happens to make a TV appearance or two, like collector Rob Bruce who has appeared on AMC’s Comic Book Men.  He also spoke about a con he’s helping put together, Horror Con, that will be hosted in New Jersey.  Definitely looking forward to that one.


Food and drinks were also a big part of the con.  With sponsors like Lagunitas, there was an entire outside area fit with food trucks and beer available for purchase.  Attendees could shop, check out booths, maybe stop by PlayNYC for a video game session or two, then take a break outside to enjoy the weather, a sandwich and a beer while chatting with others.


Five Points was definitely a con fit for those who are more enthusiastic about the hobby they’re into more than anything else.  In addition, due to the intimate size and outside area, it was very easy to make new friends over a beer and talk about the artist you had just met.  Not the place for celebrity hunters but definitely the place for a geek who loves life.   IMG_2205