New Pokemon game announced, Pokemon meets Tekken – “Pokken Tournament”

The Pokemon Company has been teasing a new Pokemon game for the last week and just released the megaton announcement – a new Pokemon game.  But it’s not the traditional game, not the card game, not a rescue ranger game, and not a Puyo Puyo clone…it’s a straight up fighting game.  Made by Namco, makers of Tekken!  That’s right, Pokken Tournament is basically Pokemon meets Tekken.

It’s going to first be released as an arcade game but nearly all of Namco’s fighting games get released in arcades prior to console release.  So it’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing a Wii U version next year.  This appears to be in line with Nintendo’s statement to allow collaborations with other studios in sharing their Nintendo properties.  This winter we’ll be seeing a Zelda meets Dynasty Warriors crossover in the game Hyrule Warriors.

Ridonculous Pokken trailer below: