Things to do during Snowpacalypse

-Netflix it up to the MAX!-

Binge watch that show people have been telling you for ages to watch. Then catch up on your shows. Then attempt to cry but realize you can’t because your eyes have dried out from forgetting to blink.



When you are told you can’t go outside, no amount of food feels like enough. Either attempt to cook something fancy or pretend you are in the zombie apocalypse trying to get by on small rations….and booze. Bc unlike the zombie apocalypse, you can afford to drink.


-Become a professional, modern art photographer for that will someday be looked at in hoyty toytee art galleries-

The lighting hits everything just right. Your pictures of your dog wrapped up in blankets will be seen by future generations and people will wonder at your inspiration. No one will know it’s because you were stuck inside and were bored. Snowpacalypse BITCHEZZZ


-Think about cleaning up-

You say, “Today is the day I alphabetize the Spice Rack,” or “reorganize your overflowing closet.” You set an alarm. You say after this episode. You say in 30 min you’ll finally start. Then the alarm goes off, the episode ends, you know you should start now….but ehhhhh. Snow days don’t happen very often. And you’ll do those things this weekend. Absolutely. Promise. Probably. Maybe.

Deepwater Response oil spill

-Settle Down-

You look outside. It doesn’t look too bad. But you are so glad you are INSIDE. Because inside is so much cozier than outside. You are thankful for the day off and a break from everything. But you can’t wait till the weekend when you are allowed to go to outside again…and travel to other warm, indoor places where you do all these things anyway.