5 Things We Can Expect To Come Out Of San Diego Comic Con

San Diego Comic Con is upon us and this week will be a rollercoaster of twists, turns, surprises and crazy announcements. That said, here are some things we might see happen at SDCC this week.


Justice League lineup announced

There have been numerous rumors and announcements this past year for the movie Superman vs Batman. The most rampant of these rumors have been the lineup of the Justice League cameos that will be in the film, with an acctress for Wonder Woman and actor for Aquaman (not Vinny Chase) selected. We can most likely expect the full lineup revealed.


Clarification on where the DC Television Universe stands

Arrow has been huge for the CW, proving that DC does for TV what Marvel did for movies. (Sorry Agents of Shield…you kinda got better towards the end!) But DC is going hard this year with both the television show Flash and NBC will be bringing in Constantine. The question reamains though, will the DC Television universe overlap with the film universe? One of the biggest rumors for the Batman vs Superman movie is the announcement of the Flash being featured in the film with a larger role in the followup full-fledged Justice League film. The Flash television show has a lot of hype around it – just having him recasted in the film will leave a lot of confusion for viewers. So the question remains – will their confidence in the Flash show mean they plan on casting the same actor in the movie? If so, this means the film universe will include the Arrow universe which has already seen Deathstroke and the Suicide Squad. Though we might instead see an older Barry Allen or maybe they just avoid the whole issue by having another incarnation of the Flash like Wally West. Either way, with the WB studio panel, we will probably get our answer.



A Non-White Male lead announced for a new Marvel Movie

Last week Marvel announced that in its comic universe they plan on deeming Thor unworthy of his hammer and a woman will take his place. In addition, Captain American will be replaced by the African American Sam Wilson, otherwise known as Falcon. With such announcements making noise, it should be expected that Marvel will announce a film following this vein. Given how their movie universe revolves around the Avengers, and their movement towards the cosmic universe with the introduction of the Kree aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy, maybe we can expect a Ms Marvel movie announcement.



New Game from Behemoth

Behemoth, developers of the ridiculously fun Castle Crashers and Battle Block Theater, have their own booth rivaling in size to Nintendo’s and Ubisoft’s. For such a small developer to have a presence rivaling Ubisoft, must mean that they’re ready to show their newest game and going hard with its precense. (Or mabe they just really want to sell us Alien Hominid figurines.) We can expect the game to be playable and be ridiculously charming and fun.



New Info On The Star Wars Universe

Star Wars information should be present at the con in some capacity. Although there is no panel scheduled, possibly due to Harrison Ford’s injury, Luscas Arts has two booths on the floor connected to each other. While there may not be footage to show, we should probably expect some kind of info. If not from the Star Wars films, definitely about Star Wars Rebels, the cartoon preceding the original trilogy which explores the formation of the rebellion and the hunting of straggler Jedi across the universe.


Of course, Comic Con is known for its twist announcements so expect to hear about the annnouncements here on Totally Pop Culture as we report from Comic Con in San Diego this week!