Chester Cheeto comes to Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

PvZ Garden Warfare is already a weird game, taking the loveable mobile plant tower defense game and turning it into a 3rd person shooter boasting horde and versus modes.  It’s a bizarre take on an already bizarre franchise.  Even the tagline for the game is shooters just got weird.  But the game just got weirder.

In what must be the weirdest mashup up intellectual properties, a new DLC pack has been announced featuring the Cheetos mascot, Chester Cheeto…the cheetah.


Cheetos® team-up with Target® and Plants vs. Zombies™ Garden Warfare to bring players exclusive DLC characters, $10 savings, and an abundance of custom prizes

Have you been looking to make the battle for suburbia more deliciously stylish? Perhaps you’ve been looking for some savings, or a way to obtain a mind-blowingly beautiful custom next-gen console? Or maybe you’ve just been longing for some Cheetos with an awesome sticker on it? Well look no further, as Cheetos has teamed up with Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and Target to make all these wonderful things possible. Grab some Cheetos at your nearest Target and unleash Chester into the garden!

Beginning August 19th, all specially marked Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Cheetos snacks will get you $10 off the gameon any platform, and a code to redeem online. That single redemption will get you ALL of the following:

1) A code for your platform of choice (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 4) granting you Dr. Chester and Chester Chomper characters in-game, in addition to a Craaazy Sticker Pack containing a mix of consumables, accessories, and items.
2) An entry to win a custom designed Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or a custom controller in the daily* sweepstakes

Each code redeemed after that will grant you an additional Craaazy Sticker Pack, and another entry into the sweepstakes.
Tasty snacks, botanical and undead fun, savings, and prizes– your future is looking bright (and delicious)

Plants vs Zombies has already delivered a plethora of free content that other shooters would charge through the roof for.  Content that includes new characters, maps and game modes.  While some gamers are disgusted by advertising in their games, I kinda think this promotion is just all kinds of awesome.