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Movin’ & Groovin’- Dancing Groot

Using an old school “Movin’ & Groovin’” flower, some model magic and a bit of paint, YouTube user Patrick Delahanty created a near-perfect replica of Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The one-of-a-kind sentient little tree is a reference to one of Guardians‘ post-credits scenes, in which a tiny Groot dances to Peter Quill’s mix tape. […]


CBFU From The Shop 8.6.14

Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man #4 (9/10 Lugos) –SAM Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man was one of my favorite books for the longest time. Right up until the death of Ultimate Peter Parker. It was one of the best comic book deaths I have ever read, but it still sucked to see one of my favorite characters bite […]


8.4.14 Monday Night Review

By Husky Harris Well, two weeks left before Summerslam, the “summer’s hottest” pay-per-view….Wait can we even call them pay-per-views anymore? DRUM ROLL PLEASE….. Because for $9.99 you can watch Summerslam on the WWE Network. An all inclusive online digital streaming platform for all WWE content. WAIT! Also for just $9.99, you can catch every past […]



Another week, another set of reviews. I am joined tonight by Jarryd & Topher. One quick note… it was reviewed in our weekly video “from the shop,” but please avoid the new “Suicide Squad” book like the plague that it is. Seriously, Jarryd and Isaac were too generous by giving it 2 Lugos. NO LUGOS […]